We live in a world where creativity has no boundaries. But to dazzle you to the point of leaving you breathless is something else.

Watching a BALLET performance on stage is always a unique experience.

Somehow time seems to stand still and you are transported to a world where beauty, colours, and sounds are all merging into a dazzling reality.

One particular performance that is always in our inspirational book of ideas, is the ’JEWEL’ ballet by George Balanchine.

George Balanchine was a Russian choreographer, Artistic Director and co-founder of the New York City Ballet.

His masterpiece ‘Jewel’ is a three-act story-less ballet, where three different composers, Faure’, Stravinsky and Tchaikovsky with three precious stones, Emerald, Ruby, and Diamond are the starting points of an array of musical and classical dance styles.

‘Jewels’ was first performed in 1967 by the New York City Ballet at the New York State Theatre.

The printed program offered the following note by Lincoln Kirstein:

“The idea for a new ballet using highly jeweled costumes was started in Europe over fifteen years ago when Mr. George Balanchine and Mr. Claude Arpels were introduced by violinist Nathan Milstein but it was not until early 1966, after a visit by Mr. Balanchine to Van Cleef & Arpels’ Fifth Avenue Salons, that the idea of the ballet really began to grow. So impressed was Mr. Balanchine by the beauty of the jewels he saw there, that he decided to try to capture it forever. The jewel motif in the three ballets is carried through by Mme. Karinska’s costume designs with a strong emphasis on jeweled decoration.”

George Balanchine- Suzanne Farrell -Pier Arpels – image via Google


Thanks to the fantastic costume designer  Barbara Karinska and the brilliance of the ballet dancers,  ‘Jewels’ made history. 

Ballet Dance Verdy in Emerald –

After more than a fifty years it is still one of the most fascinating performances in the story of ballet.

To this day the original costumes are still treasured as beautiful designs. Mal Barton, Costume workshop Manager of the Royal Opera House of London, in the link provided, take us through the costumes of each act of George Balanchine ‘Jewels’. I invite you to watch it, absolutely fascinating.

The Grand Display of the Jewels ballet is nothing more than a dazzling explanation of how elegance, creativity, and heritage can still stand the test of time.

‘Classic’ style is forever.