Golden Globes red carpet 2018 – Female Empowerment

As the Annual Golden Globes of 2018 uses its event to underline the issue of Hollywood’s gender inequality and world-wide sexual harassment, we a Caprissima are strongly supporting those political statements.

We have enjoyed the show, the powerful talk of Ophra Winfrey  (to listen to the speech click on the name), the choice of the actresses’ dress colour –Black, as a symbol of protest, but most of all we have enjoyed the final message: Female Empowerment.

Even though the red carpet was flooded with black dresses, it was impossible not to notice the fashion statements made from one simple hue.

And these are our choices:

Diane -Kruger – image via google
Catherine Zeta Jones – image via Goolge





























Kate Hudson – Image via Google
Halle Berry – image via Google






























Kendall Jenner – image via Google
Heidi Klum – image via Google































Well, what more to say …..THE TIME IS UP!