Dolce and Gabbana Alta Moda in Naples


 Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana chose Naples to present their Alta Moda collection, for Winter 2016.

Nothing too fussy for this catwalk was set, red Velvet chairs, uniformed attendants who helped guests to their seats, a marching band parade playing the Traditional Napolitan tune “Funiculi Funicula” and the picturesque Piazza San Gregorio Armeno. A stereotypical square of the Greek and Romans urbanistic architecture which, characterizes all the historic center of Naples. Today, Piazza San Gregorio Armeno is renowned for the beautiful church of San Gregorio Armeno, but mainly for ‘THE ARTE PRESEPIALE’.



La_via_dei_pastori_-__Napoli (1)

Dolce and Gabbana collection of Alta moda was a celebration of life the Neapolitan way, it was staged as it could have been one of the many popular Festa Del Paese’ in Naples. Sophia Loren, Dolce and Gabbana’s longtime Muse and , if I may humbly say one of Caprissima’s muses too, was of course in attendance.


The designers collection was once again rich of Italian meanings and in particular the Neapolitan ones: From religion to soccer, the models flowed through the cobbled street wearing lavishly embroidered Swarovski and needle- point dresses, as to honour the skilful craftsmanships of Naples; Red Silk and a corseted swimsuit with a white satin sash , the worlds Miss Eleganza sewn in gold beads; A reminder of Sophia Loren’s first step to Fame. Every outfit, had something to reference back to Naples.




The outstanding piece of this elaborate collection, was of course, the very gilded and chic clergy outfit, it felt almost like  a restyled San Gennaro, patron of Naples.



Caprissima is not a fashion blog and this post does not want to pretend to be as such, but I was very excited that finally the fashion world shined some fashion lights on Naples, the city of love music and wonderful craftsmanship.

Let me just say ‘THANK YOU’ Dolce and Gabbana!







Spring is the most popular time of year to renovate and update the accessories in our homes. 

old front door - Firenze

It may surprise you to know that a lot of the inspiration for our shoe designs come from stylish interiors, catwalks and homes from all over the world.  Nothing screams glamour to your visitors more than Italian inspired home décor;

Palace Hotel Capri
Palace Hotel Capri

Italian interiors are romantic, charismatic and reminiscent of the vintage Hollywood glamour years. 

Interior design idea in capri

interior design idea

The beautiful thing about Italian decor is it works as an ideal canvas to incorporate your own character by accessorising with modern,vintage, shabby chic,bohemian and contemporary style trends.