Remembering the Italian ” King Of Jeans” Elio Fiorucci

On monday morning  one of fashion’s iconic designer, Elio Fiorucci was found dead in his house in Milano at the age of 83 due to illness.

For us, at Caprissima and for me in particular, yesterday was  a very sad day. At a young age I was one of 1000’s young women in Italy that loved to wear  his fabulous stretchy denims.

Fiorucci really knew how to show women curves in all their beauty. He was the first designer to combine stretch fabric with denim in those days.

fiorucci jeans ad


fiorucci black jeans ad

Fiorucci’s brand represented more than just a stretchy pair of denim, it was a way  to show to the world that Italy was  much more than just sartorial fashion and Haute Couture

His brand philosophy was influenced by the style of Carnaby Street  and America metropolitan street fashion. His style was unconventional and revolutionary and a reference to a new trend that was starting  to take shape amongst young fashion lovers during the 70’s  and 80’s ‘the rebellion street style’.

The Fiorucci logo of two Victorian angels, showed his non conformity and in a way his revolutionary life style concept   of the  ‘rule- breaking generation  ‘. The Angels were stylised  by the Italian architect Italo Lupi.


Fiorucci logo - caprissima

In 1975 after opening the flag ship store in Milano, Elio Fiorucci opened a shop in London, in Kings Road and in 1976 he opened his first shop in New York on East 59 Street. It was a hit! Celebrity in the like of Elisabeth Taylor,  Andy Warhol, Cher and many famous Rock bands  and his style became known as “the day time Studio 54″. Andy Warhol, choose Fiorucci’s shop window in New York to launch his famous magazine ‘”Interview”


Fiorucci was also one of the first designer brand that in the 1978 designed Eyewear collection

fiorucci eyewear ad

In the 80’s Fiorucci collaborated with Walt Disney on a successful series of T-shirts and sweaters. In 1983,with the release of the film “Flashdance” Fiorucci  became the first shop to sell bodysuits, leggings and leg warmers, starting again another line of trendsetting ‘Sport-Fashion’.

After his shop in Milano, in 2003, was taken over by the Swedish company H&M, Elio Fiorucci created a new brand, this time his focused was on spiritual love, fairytale,colour and happiness called “Love Therapy”. To represent this brand Fiorucci adopted as a logo Gnomes. ‘Love Therapy’ is still selling to this day.


Sadly in this life nothing last forever and I am greateful to a man who’s stretch denim design made me feel a very sexy teenager,somenthing that is very important to a young woman.

Farewell Mr Fiorucci 

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By Antonietta Russo