Halloween is not really an Italian tradition but as we are more a multiculturale Country than ever before , nowadays we celebrate other traditions too, and Halloween is one of them. So for today’s celebration, we have unanimously chosen a sophisticated and easy recipe for you.









45 min

30 min

1 hr and 15 min



For 6 people

450gr of Vialone or Carnaroli Rice

800gr of pumpkin pulp – if possible choose a Green pumpkin

1land ½ of vegetable stock

150gr of white onion pure

100gr of dry white wine

7 tbs of extra virgin olive oil

2 tbs of butter

a pinch of nutmeg (optional)

6-8 tbs of Grana Padano cheese

Salt and Pepper



Prepare the vegetable stock and keep it ready near by. The size of the pumpkin depends on how many people are coming to dinner. For this recipe you will need a medium size pumpkin, about 20cm diameter, from which you can extract approximately 800gm of of pulp.

The first step is to cut from the pumpkin the lid. Use a large knife and make a clean and precise cut:



Scoop out the pumpkin and extract the  pumpkin flesh :



Get rid of the seeds and the filaments and carry on extracting the remaining pumpkin pulp with the help of a table spoon:



The pumpkin should remain perfectly empty and should feel light in the hand. When finished, clean the inside with a damp cloth .

Leave intact the other half of the pumpkin which should be used later as a lid.

Put the empty pumpkin shell and its lid, covered with clingfilm and leave in a fridge until needed.


In the mean time cut in to cubes the pieces of pumpkin flesh that have been extracted from the pumpkin, and mash the pulp.

In a frying pan add 6 tbs (table spoons)of olive oil and the white onion puree :



Leave the onion puree to cook for a minute or so, and then add the pumpkin cubes and the mashed up pumpkin pulp:


Stir the mixture in the frying pan,  if you like,  at this point you can add the pinch of nutmeg, let it cook on a high flame for 2 minutes. Then lower the flame, cover the frying pan with a lid and let it stew for 15 – 20 minutes. This should be the necessary time to make the mixture become creamier:


Add salt and pepper, and put aside.

 Now let’s start to cook the rice. In a pan add 1 tbs of olive oil, and  1 tbs of butter. Melt the butter, add the rice and turn the flame up and let the rice toast for 1 minutes, stirring constantly:



Pour in the dry white wine and let it boil off, you are still cooking on a high flame. When the liquid has evaporated add 2 ladles of boiling vegetable stock



Turn down the flame  and leave the risotto to cook for 1 minute. Then add the hot pumpkin pulp:



Stir and let the risotto cook on a low flame, adding ladle by ladle the remaining vegetable stock.

Whilst the risotto is cooking, take from the fridge the empty pumpkin shell with its lid and let it stand at room temperature.

The secret of a perfect risotto is not to add too much stock, but add to the pan only when the rice is becoming too dry.

When the risotto is ‘al dente’,  and the pumpkin pulp has melted in to a creamy consistency, season if necessary.

Turn off the heat , stir in 1 tbs of butter and 1 tbs of grated Grana Padano cheese.

The Pumpkin risotto is ready . Transfer the risotto in to  the empty pumpkin shell,

Pour some extra virgin olive oil or some hot pepperoncino olive oil as an option.


Serve the risotto in the pumpkin shell with its lid and ‘BUON APPETITO’ from

all of us  at Caprissima.