David LaChapelle – Dopo il Diluvio – Palazzo delle Esposizione – Roma – May 2015

David La Chapelle, American artist, fashion photographer and film director (RIZE 2005) returns to Italy, Palazzo delle Esposizione in Rome, after 15 years with more than 100 pieces on show .

David LaChapelle - Cathedral 2007
David LaChapelle – Cathedral 2007

A complete retrospective of his life, that tells, through his amazing work, the story of an international photographer that walked away from fame and fortune, to retire on to an island in the Pacific Ocean, Maui.

David La Chapelle - 2005
David La Chapelle – 2005

His artistic development during this period, embrace new aesthetic and conceptual insights of the artist.

david la chapelle- gas station in the jungle

LaChapelle’s art is an outstanding expression of post- modern art; an intrigue cocktail of classic and modern; a matter of death and life encased in an explosion of colors.

David LaChapelle
David LaChapelle