The Ravioli Capresi are Capri’s signature dish. The Ravioli are filled with Caciotta Campana cheese and Parmigiano, served with a fresh tomato sauce called CHIUMMENZANA,


For 4 people

Time: 1hr and 15


  • For the Pasta:

500 gr of ‘00’ flour

a pinch of salt 

2 table spoon of olive olio

½ litre of boiling water

  • For the filling:

300g of Caciotta di Sorrento cheese (grated)

200g of grated Parmiggiano Reggiano

2 eggs


  • For the Chiummenzana

6 big succulent tomatoes

Clove of Garlic

Peperoncino (Red hot chilly)

Fresh Basil


 making pasta

To make the ravioli place the flour a flat surface. Make a crater in the middle and pour the olive oil ,hot water  and a pinch of salt into it. Work together to obtain compact dough. Beat the eggs in a bowl and add the caciotta, Parmesan cheese and the marjoram. On a floured surface, use a rolling pin to roll out a quarter of the mixture into a thin sheet. On half of the sheet, place teaspoonful of the cheese mixture, positioning the balls about 6cms apart. Take the other half of the sheet and cover the first half. Proceed to separate the ravioli, cutting around each ball with either a ravioli cutter or a glass, with a diameter of roughly 4 to 5cms. Repeat the procedure with each of the remaining quarters of the dough.


Once you have finished making the ravioli, place them to one side (taking care not to put them one on top of the other), on a flat surface, which has been dusted with flour or on clean teacloths. Cook the ravioli in boiling water for five minutes and serve with a fresh tomato sauce (see recipe for Chiummenzana), Parmesan cheese, and a few leaves of basil. Alternatively, the ravioli can be fried in hot oil until the pasta turns a light golden color. Serve hot.


Ravioli capresi

  Buon Appetito!