Capri Lifestyle – The inspirational fashion muse behind Caprissima

It is easy to be flippant when it comes to describing the muse and inspiration behind the Caprissima sandal range, and with the Capri lifestyle cited throughout the “About” pages of this website, and even featuring in the name of the sandals themselves, it seems only right to elaborate on this way of life that so many may not be familiar with.
Not only is it a part of Antonietta’s inspiration, but it’s the foundation that our Caprissima sandals walk upon, every single day.

Where is Capri?

Located just south off the bay of Naples, and frequently visited by those who really do appreciate the genuine serenity that the Mediterranean can bring, Capri is a jewel of an island  not too far from the Amalfi coast.

What makes the island so special?

The colour of Capri -Jean shrimpton - Caprissima - Grace-1

Quite simply – everything. As soon as you set foot upon Capri, the beauty is overwhelming and you immediately find yourself carried away by balmy breezes that blow around stunning coastline, beaches and cliffs, before leading you into the inner streets and roads of Capri that add a whole new dimension.
Think of travelling from the height of natural beauty, to stunning streets that are immaculately presented and lined with the kind of high-end shops that feature in the pages of Vogue. Cartier, Prada, Louis Vuitton, Channel  – they’re all here and in an environment that is quite unlike any other shopping plaza on the planet; shoppers visit the finest shops and boutiques in the middle of the Med, barely any further than a stones-throw from a golden beach, under the rays of the golden sun that beat down on well-dressed, fashion forward visitors who are completely wrapped up within the Capri bubble.
However, despite the emphasis on shopping whilst you are visiting the island, the authenticity that Capri has doesn’t manage to escape unnoticed – and this is where the lifestyle comes into its own : Inspirational lifestyle.
There is one thing that Capri is all about, and it’s luxury.

It doesn’t really do anything less than premium, however the island manages to do indulgence without being crass or pretentious; it’s elegance in its finest form, and this is where Caprissima has drawn inspiration from.
It’s not about making sure that everybody knows what designer you’re wearing, or whether you’re eating at the finest restaurant every single night – the inspiration comes from an effortless sophistication that seems to envelop everybody who visits, leaving a lasting impression to carry forward.

With Caprissima, our sandals are eye-catchingly stunning without being over the top, and with every single shoe we design, covering everything from the shoe shape to the sandal strap and the perfect placement of every single Swarovski jewel, we imagine it treading the streets and sands of Capri in order to make sure we are staying completely true to our inspiration.
The Capri sandal was born here, crafted by some of the most skilled artisans in the world and pushed into the eye line of some of the most fashion savvy people in the world.
At Caprissima, we pay homage to the traditional techniques, build upon what has already been created, and add style aspects that take the Capri sandal from a style staple, to a work of art that is quite simply unlike any other shoe brand in the world.
We don’t believe in blending in – and we don’t think you should, either.