Breathtaking views chaotic road and Emperor’s relation : It’s called ‘The S.S.163’

Built on imposing stone arches, the Strada Statale 163, commonly known as the ‘S.S.163’, for 50 km and 365 meters runs through The Amalfi Coast and connects Vietri sul Mare to Meta.

This enchanting road, with breathtaking views and chaotic traffic, was conceived by Giuseppe Bonaparte, Napoleon’s elder brother, King of Naples and Sicily (1806-1808) but built many years later , starting in 1840 and completed in 1852. Until the middle of the nineteenth century, the localities’ of the Amalfi coast were connected only via footpaths, tracks and of course, by sea.



It is one of the most populated viaducts of Naples during the summer season, starting from May up until October.

In July it becomes the scenery of a sort of Olympic competition known as MareMeeting of Furore’sVillage. At 30 meters high, the greatest divers throw themselves from it in to the deep turquoise water underneath the viaduct.




But this is not all, the S.S.163 is also famous as the road of ‘the steering wheel Wizards’! You won’t believe your eyes how a bus and a lorry manage to drive pass each other on a very narrow road where two cars can barely drive through. Believe me, somehow they manage even though, for hours after the traffic is held up.

Nevertheless, it is one of the most beautiful routes in the world, and driving along the hairpin bends can be an unforgettable experience (in many ways!)

So put on your Caprissima sandals, a fabulous dress,  hire one of those gorgeous red  ‘Spider’  and feast your eyes .

Buon Viaggio