About Us

It all started with the timeless glamour of the Neapolitan island of Capri

Born in Italy, where style is an attitude and looking good is an art form, Antonietta developed her enthusiasm and lust for style and fashion.
Growing up in the beautiful Neapolitan Riviera, beloved by the rich and famous, Antonietta has a natural flair for Mediterranean elegance, and is a passionate advocate of all that epitomises Capri lifestyle. Artisanal work and art in all its forms has always been Antonietta’s passion and inspiration.

After moving to England, Antonietta  could never forget her most treasured memories – the sounds of the waves on the shore, the gentle Capri & Positano breeze, the secrets of those warm summer nights and musical note; ‘La Dolce Vita’!

Drawing on her years of experience within the fashion industry and as a stylist, Antonietta decided to recapture “the magic” in the form of beautifully crafted Capri sandals.

A word from the founder and designer

Antonietta: ‘I felt it was important to give something back to a place that has given me so many memories. I wanted to acclaim and support, in my little way, the beauty of the traditional handcraft techniques, the work of artisans that for years have used their skilful hands cutting, stitching leather and embellishing one of the most iconic sandals in the world, “THE CAPRI SANDAL.’
Moreover, the idea of having a product that remains exclusive, enhances a woman’s personality and is truly a piece of art, has always appealed to me,  as I am sure it appeals to many women of elegance and style out there.
To me, craftsmanship is a distinctive skill nurtured by love , that comes alive in the hands of the purchaser.’

Working between the Neapolitan Riviera, Capri and the UK she is delighted to present her elite collection of beautiful handmade embellished ‘Capri Sandals’ – named ‘Caprissima’.

Our Vision

Caprissima is an artisanal chic couture brand for stylish and sophisticated ladies who love to travel and enjoy a glamorous life style.

Our mission is to ensure each and every valued customer enjoys a little slice of our world and our luxurious exclusivity loop; a world where, only the finest  quality leather is used and crafted by the hand of only the most highly skilled craftsmen.

We want to inspire you to fall in love with the enchanting island of Capri; an island renowned for its sophistication, style and glamour; and the original birthplace of the Capri sandal.

We will keep our customers’ fashion experience enjoyable, and neoteric with an ever evolving portfolio of luxurious hand made fashion items to contend with our ever-evolving customers.