If you happen to be in the Amalfi coast from February 19th thorough out March 5th 2017, I would strongly recommend to go to Maiori and feast your eyes.

The Grand Carnival of Maiori, was born from the initiative of some local young people, around the late Sixties and has now became one of the most awaited events in the Amalfi Coast.

The mirth and merriment of the Gran Carnival of Maiori last for about ten days.

The streets of the charming coastal village are invaded by clouds of confetti, masks, floats and dance groups, in a swirling succession of music, traditional games, shows, jokes and lots of fun.

For the preceding three months the groups work tirelessly to prepare the floats, each one representing a particular theme (social, political, or simply fantastic). Modeling of steel cables creating movements for the characters, effects of light and / or sound, painting papier-mâché with bright colors. An indisputable form art, this, that makes the already fantastic Amalfi’s Artisans very proud.

A safe fun time for children, and food for thought on the issues represented, for the older ones, all through a form of popular folk art.

The parade of floats, each preceded by their own dance group, starts from Vecite (an aerea of Maiori where, the majority of the floats are made and decorated) and continues into the Provincial road Nuova Chiunzi, arriving at “corner Costa” close to Norman Tower.

From here, it meanders along the entire waterfront and the, long and festive procession ends in the enchanting scenery of the amphitheater of the marina.

During the past festivals groups of neighbouring communities of Minori, Tramonti, have taken part in the great Carnival Maiorese.


Thanks to the natural geography of the Maiori , compared to the other communities of the Amalfi Coast, it has ample space and, for this reason it is able to host and organize such large events.

…And whilst you are there why not sampling some mouthwatering local dishes of the Carnival season such as: “ Migliaccio Praianese salato”.