“Throughout the years the creativity of the highly skilled local craftsmen has developed an unmistakable Capri style and design.  Despite the century long history, Capri sandals remain unique and timeless…”   Vogue Italia

Caprissima sandals are handcrafted by Italian artisans from the finest and softest Italian leather. These master craftsmen use traditional skills, handed through the generations, to produce a shoe of exceptionally high quality and attention to detail.

Each sandal is lovingly constructed in luxurious leather or suede and then inlaid with Swarovski crystals, jewels, and precious gemstones. The result – a unique and timeless design and a piece of the Mediterranean to treasure.

Caprissima celebrates the infinitely elegant ‘Sandalo Caprese’. Capri style and sophistication and the timeless glamour of the Italian Riviera captured in a sandal. Caprissima shoes dazzle with the opulence and whispered exclusivity adored and emulated by true sartorialists the world over.

Founded by a Neapolitan native and stylist, Antonietta Russo–Walker, Caprissima is the choice of inspirational women of style and elegance, from across the globe. Caprissima sandals will take you from land to sea, day to night with effortless glamour.

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